"drag me"/music video


I've been for quite some time now, playing with the idea of creating a piece along the lines of cut-out animation tradition. When I run, a few months ago, into some wonderful tutorials by Daniel Gies, I felt that the time had come and started looking for the right project. That is when I was approached by GAB productions and "The You and What Army Faction" for the creation of a music video. When i begun to listen to the music, the dark, dirty and rough sounds of the "Faction" started triggering in my mind, images of roughly drown urban sites and lumpen characters, sleazy bars and dirty backstreets. So we chose the song and I was on my way.

“Drag what’s left of my body in the mud” is the story of a “deadly” girl and her “slightly” violent and disturbed respond to the paranoia and the emotional alienation generated by the decadent urban life, in the contemporary “concrete jungles”. The set are the sleazy backstreets of Athens. The outcome “Drag Me”: an urban music tale



The film has participated in more than 40 film festivals arround the world and has won the followin awords:

Best European Independent Animation in ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival

Best animation in International Short Film Festival of Drama

Best Music video in International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

Audience Aword in short@fringe



the song

"drag what's left of my body in the mud"

the band

the you and what army faction




GAB productions